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Use of Jupyter notebooks on ArcGIS pro to display flood results

Yet another post about how to optimise the workflow of plotting hydraulic results using GIS software. This time I will use the Jupyter notebook function inside of ArcGIS.

A script to automatize the plot of several rasters in the same Q-GIS layout

I present MultiLayout. A still (little bit) clunky Q-GIS workspace and a python script that would help you at plotting the results of hydraulic simulations.

An analysis of the effects of panel markers on a cross-section's conveyance curve

In this article, I present the effects of panelling a 1D cross-section. Panelling is the terminology used by the software Flood Modeller™ to divide the cross-section's hydraulic properties (mostly the hydraulic radius) into a sum of them. The article contains a theory introduction about Manning's n formula and 5 cross-sections are analysed with different panelling scenarios.

Linear and bilinear interpolation in Excel

An excel template to search in a table of values for certain item, and if it doesn't exist, then performs a linear intepolation between the 2 closest values.

Tic Tac Toe in Fortran90

In this post, I analyse the first comprehensive program I have ever created: A Tic-Tac-Toe game designed in Fortran90 to play against the computer! And the challenges that I had to face to make it work.

How to classify your music collection by genre. The Ricardo approach.

I have tried to classify my music library by Genre. After several trials and errors with different software, I surrendered and went manual. You will read the problem I encountered, my initial approach and how I used R and last.fm API to help me circumscribing the multiple options.

Games in Excel/VBA 2048 and minesweeper

I made the game 2048 and Mine-Sweeper in Excel/VBA to self-teach Excel coding. The code is not optimal but they do work!

UK map

Just a drawing of the Great Britain island in the style of Tolkyen.

Notepad++ theme (Solarized Dark) version for tuflow, FM and markdown files.

User-defined files for Notepad++ that colourise Tuflow configuration files (tcf, tgc, tbc, tmf, ecf, tlf...), Flood Modeller simulation files (ief) and markdown (md) files with the Solarized Dark colour scheme.

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