Notepad++ theme (Solarized Dark) version for tuflow, FM and markdown files.

User-defined files for Notepad++ that colourise Tuflow configuration files (tcf, tgc, tbc, tmf, ecf, tlf…), Flood Modeller simulation files (ief) and markdown (md) files with the Solarized Dark colour scheme.

Notepad++ Screenshot

Figure 1: Notepad++ Screenshot

Those who work with me know that I am a fan of dark themes on applications. However, until today I used to use a different dark scheme for each application/language. Weeks ago I discovered Solarized and fell in love with it, to the point that not only have I changed all my others skins to Solarized but also I have started to create them following Solarized colour scheme.

This blog post is to announce three new UDL (User Defined Languages) with a Dark Solarized scheme for Flood Modeller (IEF) files, TUFLOW (TCF, TGC, TBC) files and Markdown (MD) files.

Check the GitHub repository below if you are interested in downloading them.


GitHub repository